101 Beloved Actors Who “Understood The Assignment” And Wowed Their Fans With How Versatile They Are

Being a good actor is much more than having the face of a Greek god, an athletic body, and an amazing fashion sense (though having these can’t hurt!). What’s also important for an actor is their range, how they’re able to adapt to new roles and embody wildly different characters.

The folks over on Twitter have been busy praising their favorite actors who definitely “understood the assignment” and wowed their fans in a multitude of different roles. From Leonardo DiCaprio (hi, Leo, we love you!) to my personal favorite Mandalorian, Pedro Pascal, these stars are getting the adoration and attention they deserve. Bored Panda has collected some of the most spot-on tweets, so scroll down to see who Twitter loves best, upvote the tweets that you agree with, and let us know which actor has totally “understood the assignment” better than everyone else in your personal opinion.

I had a chat with celebrity and pop-culture expert Mike Sington, who has worked together with countless actors, about what makes people adore a star (hint: it might not be their acting skills!) and the relationship between experience and adaptability on-screen is. Have a peek down below for Bored Panda’s interview with Mike.

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