16 Statement Earrings to Wear on New Year’s Eve

Although I live and work in New York City, I’ve never been to the New Year’s Eve ball drop celebration in Times Square. For the many years that Condé Nast’s offices were adjacent to the location, I’d watch them set up for the festivities and observe the eager revelers who would wait close to the barriers beginning early that morning. I have, like most of us, often watched the party on TV, even if it was in the background at a big New Year’s Eve soiree (what are those again?).

A solitary celebration of the New Year may feel much different from other holidays we’ve muscled through in 2020. While those moments, like Thanksgiving, felt like stark contrasts to our typical once-yearly gatherings with family, New Year’s Eve will undoubtedly be a reminder of the separation we currently have from our friends. But a virtual, at-home celebration is of course a small sacrifice to keep us moving towards the promise of a post-COVID 2021. And as we’ve all learned during the last 12-months, just because we can’t be together physically doesn’t mean that we can’t indulge in the fun and pleasure of getting dressed up. You may not want to don the usual novelty glasses or glittery party hat, but trust me when I say that a pair of big, festive earrings will lift your spirits just the same.

So how does one pick the perfect statement earring? According to jeweler Matthew Harris of Mateo, “It should be stunning but still easy to wear.” He adds, “no one wants their earlobe to be dragged.” And Harris is right, of course. The weight of an earring is always something to keep in consideration as much as the shape, or the sparkle. Most importantly however, as Harris points out, “one should desire to always be fabulous.” We’ll toast to that!

Below, our guide to eye-popping but lobe-safe statement earrings for watching the virtual ball drop at home.

Mateo 14-karat gold enamel, pearl, and diamond earrings

Paco Rabanne silver mini mesh earrings

Roxanne Assoulin Wherever You Are earrings

Suzanne Kalan classic spiral hoop earring

Pearl Octopuss.y mini oysters silver-plated, crystal and faux-pearl earrings

Sophie Bille Brahe opera 14-karat gold pearl earrings

Chanel Étoile Filante hoop earrings

Azlee rich emerald-bead drop earrings

Viltier magnetic duo 18-karat gold, malachite, and diamond earrings

Panconesi gold and silver arch cascade single earring

Ryan Storer hidden tear reverse drop earrings

Tiffany & Co. Paloma’s Studio hexagon drop earrings

Sophie Buhai gold medium pearl drop earrings

Alison Lou small animal-print jelly hoop earrings

Mondo Mondo super lover earrings

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