25 Products For People Who Can’t Put Down Their Phone

The next time your phone takes a hard fall, the screen protector might shatter — and that’s the point! It breaks so your *actual* phone screen doesn’t have to. Mad respect for all the screen protectors out there.

Promising review:This is a great screen protector that’s a better deal than any phone store I’ve seen. It comes with two per pack with wet and dry cloths to clean the screen off, and a frame that goes around your phone to better align the protector so it doesn’t come out crooked like it’s always done for me in the past no matter how slowly I applied the screen. I’ve been using the first one for a year until I dropped my phone the other day and it happened to land on the only two pieces of gravel around and cracked the screen badly. Ugh. Luckily I still had the extra protector at home still. When it was on my phone still I really couldn’t tell if it was just the protector busted or not. Thankfully my screen was completely undamaged thanks to this awesome protector! Definitely would recommend to others!Nicole

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $5.99.

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