35 Best Cheap Christmas Gifts 2020

Okay, so you know that you want to give your family, friends, romantic interests, co-workers, etc., the absolute best gifts *ever* this year, but you also don’t want to drop tons of your hard-earned money while doing so. (Gotta squirrel away something extra for your savings account, after all.) Your sitch is totally understandable. Luckily, it’s definitely possible to score some very awesome gifts for your loved ones that are, yes, super cheap (but don’t look it!) no matter your budget.

Whether your mom is super-active, your sister loves makeup, your boyfriend is into candle scents, your BFF is obsessed with music, or your co-worker enjoys all things tech, there’s definitely something really affordable on this list for each and every kind of person out there. (I’m talking Christmas gifts for $25 or less, people! Yes, that cheap. For real.)

Allow me to help you understand what I’ve got in store: light ankle weights for Pilates, a Fenty Beauty eyeshadow palette, a leather keychain, an easy-to-care-for succulent, a new speaker, and sooo many more great cheap options at your disposal.

Excited yet? Makes sense. Keep reading for the 35 absolute best cheap, totally affordable-yet-still-cool Christmas and holiday gifts to give to all the important people in your life in the year 2020. So yes, your bank account will def remain intact this holiday season—and you won’t come off looking like the Grinch, either. You’re welcome and enjoy, you guys.


Dagny Monogram Mug

Okay so, these delicate-looking monogram mugs are v. pretty and floral, but they’re also the perfect way to give a personalized gift without dropping tons of dollars. 


Macrame Hanging Wall Mirror

This woven small mirror looks waaay more expensive than it actually is. That makes it perfect for pleasing your super fancy aunt or your high-maintenance friend.  


Dumpling Light



Okay, so this dumpling light is freakin’ adorable. Give it to your sister who’s obsessed with all things cute and she’ll love you forever. And even though its baby face is priceless, it only costs $16.


Handmade Stoneware Ceramic Mug



Need a way to spice up your kitchen situation without dropping tons of money? Try buying a few of these very Insta-worthy mugs that will make your cappuccino look *chef’s kiss* delicious. 


Mini Portable Air Purifier

The air quality in your mom’s home office will  feel much more bearable once she puts this mini air purifier on her desk. 


Colorful Galaxy Candy Bath Bomb

Okay, so these galaxy-inspired bath bombs are kind of perfect for lounging in the tub after a long week. You’ll totally vibe out to the cotton candy, green apple, peach, and lemon drop scents. A bonus? These bath bombs are massive, and you can get one for just about seven dollars. 


Eucalyptus Shower Bunch

If you haven’t seen the plants-in-the-shower trend on social media yet, let’s just say you’re missing out. Add some greenery to your BFF’s wash time with this bunch of eucalyptus leaves. 


Tea Cup Wire Wall Hanging

Home decor is always a win when it comes to holiday gifting. This simple tea cup shaped wire will look great in anyone’s kitchen. (Especially if they love cafe vibes!) 


Soft Plush Slippers

Let’s be real: Who wouldn’t want to bury their feet in these super lush slippers? This cozy footwear is the perfect gift for all the homebodies you know out there.  


Nalgene BPA-Free Water Bottle

This super cute Nalgene water bottle is the reminder your dad needs to drink! More! Water! A bonus? It’s only $10, and he’ll just appreciate the fact that you picked it out for him in his fav color. 


Front Door Key Fob

Elevate your BFF’s key situation with this clean leather chain. Sure, it’s a little on the expensive side for something that’ll prob lay at the bottom of a purse, but it’ll def last forever. (And it’s pretty!)


Bluetooth Portable Speaker

When you think of a portable speaker, you probably think expensive. That said, this one is just $25 and has over *71,000 positive* reviews on Amazon. 


1.5lb ankle weights in peach

Not only are these high-quality ankle weights only $20, but they’re also super cute. They’re perfect for the relative that’s been wanting to step up their fitness game or for your workout buddy that doesn’t have space for huge dumbbells in her apartment. 


Mix & Match Eyeshadow Palette

Anything Fenty Beauty is truly a blessing. Plus, this green-hued palette is specifically great for creating a festive, glittery makeup look this holiday season. 


Haworthia Zebra

Okay, so you and your partner aren’t ready for kids. Why not test your childcare skills by becoming plant parents this Christmas? They’ll appreciate the gesture and this succulent will add some life to your cozy apartment. 


Yoga Poses Tote Bag

Got a yogi on your hands? Gift them this pose-themed tote for storing their blocks, mat, and more while they’re on-the-go from a yoga sesh to the grocery store to class. 


Clinique’s Best-Selling Minis

Skincare is, hands down, usually the best kind of gift you can give. This Clinique set features some of the brand’s best-selling products in mini form, so your mom can test them all out before investing in her favs. 


Stress Relief Candle

Let’s face it. Candles really do have the ability to create ~positive vibes~ in a space. Give your grandma this stress-relief  eucalyptus-scented option and she’ll totally thank you for making her home feel super relaxed. 


The Lovely Bambi

Gifting art makes you look super thoughtful, and you don’t even have to spend that much to do it. Just buy one of these pretty prints and a simple frame and there yah go, you’ve got a super classy gift on your hands for cheap. 


Stimulating Therapy Massager



If your brother’s hair is looking, um, flaky, try buying him this scalp revival massager that will not only feel super soothing to use, but will make his hair look 10 times healthier by the time he’s worked it through his hair. 


Dear Ijeawele, or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions

This mini book is great for parents everywhere. It’s a quick read by best-selling author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie that’s all about how to raise a child who cares about gender equality.  


Small Hoop Earrings

Sure, these dainty earrings *look* super expensive, but IRL they’re only $20. Save these for your high-maintenance friend who will expect you to drop tons of dollars on a gift. She doesn’t need to know how much they cost you… 


The (Small) Towel

Some people are just very ~sweaty~ when they work out, which is where this small Lululemon towel comes in handy. It’s made from super absorbent microfibers, so you won’t be dripping during your entire exercise sesh. 


Herschel Supply Co. Elmer Beanie

Herschel Supply Co.


Upgrade your partner’s winter wardrobe with one of these colorful beanies. They come in tons of colors, so they’ll match just about any outfit. 


Crossing Lines by Melanie Weiss

If you’ve got a YA fiction fan on your hands (maybe your favorite niece or nephew?), they’re going to love this timely read by author Melanie Weiss. The book follows the lives of two high school seniors in the wake of a horrific school shooting, which later leads them to address their differences and stand up for the greater good. 


Woman With Flowers Journal



You can never go wrong with gifting pretty floral stationary and notebooks. Pair this lined paper with a quality pen and you’ve got a great gift for your co-worker. 


AirPods Protective Case

So this isn’t an actual AirPods case, but it’s a cover that makes your true case look real trendy. It comes in tons of colors, so you can buy a different one for each of your family and friends. 


Beyond the Gender Binary

Everyone could stand to learn a little bit more about the history of men, women, and non-binary folks. Give this super short book to your friend who’s been devouring those eye-opening reads. 


Sweet Sweat Mini Loop Resistance Bands

This skin-friendly set of resistance bands will totally amp up your dad’s at-home workout routine. He’ll get five bands of varying difficulty levels, and you’ll only have to spend $18. 


Athleta Girl Scrunchie 2-Pack

Have your sister get rid of all those crusty fabric scrunchies and use these tie-dye and color-coordinated bands instead. They’re great for keeping hair our of her sweaty AF face during workouts. 


Non-Slip Exercise Yoga Mat

Now that everyone’s working out in their basements, your BFF is definitely going to need a quality yoga mat in her home gym. Get her this one that comes with a transport band and she’s good to go. 


Female Form Vase



Okay, so this female form vase looks classy and expensive, but it’s actually super cheap. (Only 16 dollars!) For an extra touch, grab a bouquet and arrange some flowers in it, too. 


Northside Vintage Tee

You can really never go wrong with a simple tee. It baaasically goes with everything, and you can even pair it with a not-that-expensive piece of jewelry to make it look like you really went all in. 


Round Foam Roller

If you’ve got a fitness junkie on your hands, you should def get them this super cheap foam roller to make sure they’re soothing all their sore AF muscles. 


beautyblender keep.it.clean kit



Is your friend a makeup fiend? If so, you should definitely gift them this Beautyblender cleaner kit. They’ll get a bit of liquid and solid cleaning solution and a tool to keep their blenders clean forever. Win!

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