51 Pets Lovingly Staring Into Their Owners’ Souls That Are Warming Everyone’s Hearts (New Pics)

We know it’s been a tough year, dear Pandas. But it’s time to start the healing process. And we hope this list, full of animals staring deep into their owners’ souls with love in their eyes, will bring a smile to your face and give you the energy to give it your all this week.

We’ve collected some of the most wholesome photos for you to enjoy from the very wholesome r/Catsmirin and r/DogsMirin subreddits (worth following, definitely), so go on and give each pet a gentle pet by clicking the upvote button next to the pics. Pssst, hey you, yeah you… you’ll find some more soul-gazing pets in Bored Panda’s earlier post right over here. Go on, you know you need it in your life. (I gotta tell you that working on this article has done wonders for me!)

You’ll also find Bored Panda’s interview about how social pets are and how they respond to shifts in their owners’ moods with the Arizona Humane Society below, so read on to learn something new!

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