6 Reasons Why Developing a Sense of Humor Can Save You Big

Have you ever thought of turning things in your favor? Simply use some humor. Develop it. It will pay you off big times. How? Read on to find out.

Developing a constant sense of humor can actually save you big. Here are six good reasons:

1) It strengthens your relationships

Use a little humor with the people surrounding you. They will laugh their heads off and actually come to like you better. Soon they will crave for your company even more and that way you will start to notice all your relationships have started to fall together and strengthen.

2) It saves you from a disaster

If your day at work turns blue and everything starts going wrong until your work is in jeopardy and total mess, the only way you can straighten everything is to have a big laugh over yourself so that others join in the fun and laugh with you. Now that is a starting point to set everything in order and work out everything happily and meticulously.

3) It disarms your enemies

If you find in a meeting or group that most of your companions are against your ideas and principles and above all against you literally, make a subtle humor joke to disarm your enemies. What was cold about the thin air suddenly warms up and your enemies can’t help laughing and being silly. Instantly their attitude towards you change and you will all feel bonded together just like you would love it to be.

4) You will have more promising friendships

The more you add humor in your conversations with new strangers and people, the more they click with you and love your company. Believe me, they will drive miles to be with you and lovely friendships will strike.

5) It increases your longevity

Laughing and joking keeps your mind light and your body in excellent health. After all, laughter is the best medicine. So keep your sense of humor flowing and Almighty God will make sure you live a long life.

6) It helps you stay happy most of the time

While you joke around and find humor in little and big things around you, you will have hardly any time to lament or repent anything. On the other hand, you will be quite happy and get along with life smoothly.

Summing up, those are six great reasons why you should find and develop humor and smile more. It gives you an interesting edge to a life of growth, happiness and fulfillment.

Source by Rosina S Khan