70 Typical ‘Nice Guys’ Who Aren’t Nice At All

There are two types of nice guys — those who get the term from others for being decent human beings and those who attribute it to themselves. Sadly, some self-proclaimed “nice guys”, who are actually manchildren or douches, mistake being spineless and pathetic for being nice and they are all over the place.

They might tone down their virtue signaling in real life over the fear of being called out and having to actually deal with a person but show all their true colors online, where the cable provides them with distance and security. Mainly, they go after women on every imaginable platform. However, rejections shake their vulnerable ego and in order to save it from shattering, nice guys attack.

The appropriately-titled subreddit r/NiceGuys collects sightings of these repulsive creatures in order to prepare everyone should they face one of them in the wild. The ridiculous posts paint a pretty vivid picture of what might be waiting for you just a click away, so continue scrolling and check them out. By the end of this article, you’ll definitely know how to spot — and avoid — a nice guy.

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