82 Oddly Satisfying Things To Soothe Our Perfectionist Souls (New Pics)

Oddly satisfying refers to any kind of sighting, either picture or video, that’s incredibly satisfying to look at. The concept has gained quite a cult following on the internet thanks to the r/OddlySatisfying subreddit, which has a whopping 5 million members. The group was created back in 2013, and it celebrates all the “little things that are inexplicably satisfying.”

According to Know Your Meme, “oddly satisfying” and similar phrases had been used online even earlier than that. It first occurred as early as June 4th, 2011 when a post was published on Jezebel titled “An Oddly Satisfying Montage Of ‘You Just Don’t Get It, Do You?’ Moments.”

Moreover, r/OddlySatisfying was inspired by another hugely popular subreddit community, r/mildlyinteresting, “which was born out of a discussion in r/WTF about the need of a clearer categorical distinction between images that are evocative of WTF and those that would be more aptly described as ‘mildly interesting.’”

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