Gottmik, the First Trans Man on Drag Race, Is Already a Winner, Baby

The superstar in the making is originally from Scottsdale. In high school, Gottmik first started playing around with makeup—a signature element of their drag. “The first time I ever performed was in a bar in Tucson, Arizona [when I was 18],” says Gottmik. “I looked so crazy. I had a flat, shake-and-go wig, and I did a duet with one of my friends to some crazy punk song. We were just dumping beer on each other and being crazy. It was so fun and messy.” Later, when they moved to Los Angeles to study at FIDM, Gottmik started a side hustle as a makeup artist, working with celebrities such as Kaia Gerber, Paris Hilton, and Lil Nas X. That passion for makeup only fueled their love of drag even more. “The only type of makeup that excited me was crazy, over-the-top drag makeup,” says Gottmik, whose signature makeup look is a face painted white with thin, drawn-on brows. “I always loved to paint and draw, so I was like, I can do this on my face.” 

On Drag Race, Gottmik’s innate talent for showstopping glam is on full display, but it’s their fashion choices that have truly stolen the show and cemented them as a front-runner. Whatever the look, a Gottmik outfit is always campy, but nods to high-fashion designers: See their rainbow latex dress and crash dummy couture for evidence. “I’m definitely so inspired by Galliano, especially in the ’90s—I could die every time that I see every single one of those runways,” says Gottmik. “And Vivienne Westwood and McQueen, always. I love any designer that has a grunge feel but makes it just so polished; I feel like that’s reflective of my drag style.” 

Photo: Magnus Hastings/Courtesy of Gottmik

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