Jim Caldwell’s Forecast | No change until the weekend

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Plenty is going on in the weather world, but most of it is in the tropics. It is all quiet for a few more days.

Our pattern will feature very little change until we get to the weekend. That’s what the title says, and that is exactly what we expect around here. It looks like sunshine with very comfortable temperatures until we reach that point.

Hurricane Delta will roll through the Gulf of Mexico over the next few days. It already reached major hurricane status yesterday. Now, after it moves over the Yucatan Peninsula and reaches the gulf side, it will encounter some very warm water to keep it fueled. It has nothing in its way but the gulf coast. Why is that so important to us? Because those rains and maybe some weakened winds will make it here!

It looks like Delta could linger for a few days. Rain arrives beginning Saturday and lasts through Monday. Another front will be right on the heels of the remnants of Delta. This front will knock highs back down after they get a chance to surge.

It is another Wednesday, and every day we move forward is a day closer to a return to our ordinary world. We are nearly there! Take care of each other; we’ve got this!

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