Lake Pajamas: A Love Letter

I have a confession. There have been several days over the last eight months where I’ve rolled out of bed, showered, and gotten dressed for the day in a pair of Lake’s signature pima cotton pajama sets. The super-soft striped long-sleeve top and matching bottoms have become a comfortable reprieve on the Groundhog Days where I welcome the morning feeling less than ready to carpe diem and need a little extra solace in what I wear. 

I’ve been thinking about pajamas a lot over the last year, as many of us probably have, which is likely a byproduct of so many weeks spent at home. I realized that, depending on your snooze schedule, the time spent in sleepwear it’s nearly equal to the time spent in your awake clothes. This realization made me feel like I owed it to the unconscious half of my life to up the ante and phase out the tired tees I’d grab from my dresser at random when it was time for bed. As I began to build my collection of proper PJs, I stumbled across Lake’s pajamas and have never looked back. They’re the warm embrace I haven’t been able to find outside of my home this year, yet just elevated enough to pass as a bateau top should a morning arise where, staring at your closet’s offerings fresh out of the shower, a voice of intuition inside you says pajama dressing is the only way to go. 

While we continue life at home for the foreseeable future, a good set of pajamas will go a long way. Here, shop the Lake pajamas that stand out from the rest whether you’re sleeping or seizing the day. 

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