New Brand To Know Georgia Kemball

London-based jewelry designer Georgia Kemball fell in love with the process of jewelry while working on a project for the jewelry department during her masters. Kemball studied illustration at Brighton University then textiles at Royal College of Art. She Her range is inspired by the designer’s interest in magic, mysticism and mythology and are hand-carved in wax and then cast in sterling silver and gold.  She began crafting crude silver casts for friends as birthday presents before starting her eponymous brand in 2017. She has collaborated with brands and designers including Chopova Lowena, and DeathMask Merchandise. Kemball’s studio is based in East London and the brand is sold on Machine-A.

What inspired you to launch your label? 

I think it always felt like the ultimate freedom to be able to be my own boss. Although it comes with big stresses I really love running my own label and it’s the best feeling when I meet people that really get it and love wearing it.

Why jewelry?

I’ve always been really interested in the sentimental relationship that we have with jewelry and it’s so amazing to be able to make things that people really treasure or that mark a certain time in someone’s life. It always feels like such a huge honor to be involved in that process.

What is your brand ethos? 

To do things my own way. It’s a hard balance to strike when you’re making stuff but I think the work that I am most happy with has come from totally ignoring the ‘proper’ way of doing something.

How would you describe your signature aesthetic? 

I want my brand to feel against the grain, raw, and kind of feral. I really love telling a story and creating a world within the brand. I am a real hoarder and I am constantly searching for strange objects from junk shops, car boot sales, and eBay

. This obsession with surrounding myself with tiny weird objects has definitely formed a big part of the aesthetic of my brand.

What was your inspiration this season? 

I’m working on a new collection at the moment, it’ll be my third collection and builds on the same themes with an emphasis on jewelry that protects you and makes you feel strong.

Who is your customer? 

I think my customer is someone who lives life by their own rules and has a strong sense of mischief.

What are your plans for the label?

I’ve got lot’s of very exciting plans, but you’ll have to wait and see!

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