People Are Sharing How Much Time Has Changed Them (24 Pics)

Time is an incredible thing. You never really see how much you’ve changed until you look back at your old pics and wonder whether the person staring back at you is really you. Sometimes, it doesn’t even take all that long.

And this new TikTok trend is all about the power of transformation. Started by a TikToker named Izzy or @izzysheaa, who amassed 6.3 million likes for her snack-bite clip captioned “Beautiful both ways,” it got more TikTokers revealing how much they have changed.

Sometimes it’s weight loss, other times it’s a new haircut or a different clothing style. Whether it’s a little step outside your ordinary or a dramatic change of lifestyle, like a glow-up gender transition, the beautiful part about humans is that we’re constantly changing.

So let’s see some of the most inspiring transformation examples below that show the beauty of finding yourself and remembering that it’s not just the result, but also the learning process that makes it all worth it.

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