Progressive group riots resume in major cities despite Biden inauguration

President Biden was officially sworn in on Wednesday, but riots of the kind that had been blamed on Trump erupted anyway, damaging property and federal buildings.

Police departments in Portland and Seattle reported damage as a result of gatherings near federal buildings, while anti-fascist protesters burned American flags in Denver.

The riots took place on the same day as Biden’s Inauguration, which bore an “America United” theme.

Trump has been accused of inflaming divisiveness throughout the U.S., a narrative that Biden recognized during his campaign for the presidency.

During the lead-up to the 2020 election, then-candidate Biden released an ad that said he would be looking to “lower the temperature in this country, not raise it” like Trump had.

Biden has previously condemned violence of any kind, whether it is perpetrated by people identifying with the left or the right.

He has suggested that Trump’s unwillingness to do the same put lives in jeopardy.

“Donald Trump has been president for almost four years,” Biden said in response to deadly violence in Portland over the summer. “The temperature in the country is higher, tensions run stronger, divisions run deeper. And all of us are less safe because Donald Trump can’t do the job of the American president.”


But even after Election Day, violence and protests have continued.

On Jan. 6, a group of pro-Trump extremists stormed Capitol Hill and laid siege on Capitol buildings, an insurrection that resulted in fatalities. It was undertaken in protest of the election results, encouraged by a baseless narrative woven by Trump that the election had been “stolen” from him.

More recently, progressive protesters who appear to be frustrated with the Democratic Party have taken action.

As previously reported by Fox News, about 150 rioters in Portland damaged the Democratic Party headquarters on Wednesday.

Some in the group of about 150 people smashed windows and spray-painted anarchist symbols at the political party building. Police said eight arrests were made in the area. Some demonstrators carried a sign reading, “We don’t want Biden, we want revenge!” in response to “police murders” and “imperialist wars.” Others carried a banner declaring “We Are Ungovernable.”

Portland has been the site of frequent protests, many involving violent clashes between officers and demonstrators, ever since the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May. Over the summer, there were demonstrations for more than 100 straight days.


In Seattle, the local police department posted pictures of a courthouse with shattered doors. People were also reportedly throwing objects at cars and reporters said demonstrators were protesting against President Biden and law enforcement, and carried a sign reading, “Abolish ICE.”

A small “anti-fascist” crowd gathered in Denver where American flags were burned and two people were arrested for weapons violations. Those demonstrations were against Trump, Biden, police violence and racial injustice, according to The Denver Post.

Fox News’ Louis Casiano, David Aaro and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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