Teacher Has Her 3rd Grade Students Asking Questions To God And Their Letters Are Beautifully Innocent

Jean Piaget, the Swiss pioneer of child development, thought that children were incapable of having a true concept of God; they just thought of him as a supersized, magical version of their parents. More recent studies have expanded on this, showing that significant differences detected between the younger and older children support the view that “children under 10 or 11 years of age are unable to formulate an abstract conceptual framework demanded for an adequate concept of God.”

Recently, a 3rd-grade teacher proved this by asking her students to write a letter to God. The little ones penned hilariously innocent messages, putting their naive notion of the supreme being on full display.

The letters probably would have gone under the radar but Twitter user @GospelJosiah has somehow obtained and shared them with the rest of the Internet. Enjoy!

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