Tech Tips: How to add multiple signatures, change background themes in Gmail

Gmail enables users to create and add multiple signatures. A signature can include your name, title, contact information, and pictures or links. You can also create multiple signatures. Google notes that multiple signatures give users the flexibility to use different signatures for different situations such as communicating across teams, organisations, or products, communicating across language, using different default signatures for new emails and replies, and more. Gmail users can also customise background themes.

Here is how you can create multiple signatures in Gmail:

— Open Gmail

— At the top right, click Settings > all settings

— Go to General tab, scroll to Signature and click Create new

— Name your signature, then click Create. Google notes that this name is not your actual signature, but is a name for the signature template. To use the additional signatures, users should open the signature menu in the compose action toolbar to switch signatures.

— In the text box at the right, add your signature text

— Use the format bar to add text colors, links, and images

— At the bottom, click Save Changes

Alternately, users can also add signatures by following the given steps

— Open Gmail

— Open Compose

— Click on the pen

— Click on insert signature if a signature is already present

— Manage signature to create a new one

— Create new

— Enter signature

— Select options from “for new emails”, “for forwarded emails.”

— Select the font and size to customise the text

— Select options from snippets, indicators and vacation responders

— Click on save changes

To edit a signature:

— Open Gmail.

— At the top right, click Settings, See all settings.

— In the General tab, scroll to Signature and click the signature you want to edit.

— In the text box at the right, make your changes.

— In case you want to change the signature name, click on Edit.

— Select Save Changes. Users can also choose a signature default for new emails and for emails they reply to.

To delete a signature:

— Open Gmail.

— Go to settings > General

— Scroll to Signature and click the signature you want to remove.

— Select delete

— At the bottom, click Save Changes.

To change themes on Gmail:

–Open Gmail

— Go to the Settings icon

— Select a theme from Gmail’s collection

— Select Okay

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