The Best Travel Accessories for a Stylish Post-Vaccine Trip

The recent announcement of a vaccine arriving imminently has me dreaming about post-COVID-19 traveling. I know it could take months for it to be distributed and for things to truly return back to normal, but I’m filled with unbridled optimism, which is why I’m fantasy shopping for the best travel accessories. 

Since worry-free traveling is only a dream for now, all of my recent purchases are still rooted in practicality—like a cozy jacket for chilly airplane rides versus an itsy-bitsy bikini that I couldn’t use this winter in New York City. This past Monday, I pre-ordered the big Telfar x Ugg bag (without doubt, it’s going to sell out). Sadly, the coveted bag won’t ship until sometime between next March and June, but it’ll become my new go-to tote once it arrives. And as soon as it’s safe to do so, I’ll be dashing through some airline’s terminal with the shearling-trimmed tote on my arm. I also have my eyes peeled for a luxe carry-on, especially since so many sales are going strong until the end of the week. If you too are longing for the return of carefree traveling, then perhaps it’s time to treat yourself to some of the best travel accessories in preparation for better days. 

Ahead, you’ll find everything you need to travel in style, of course, once it’s safe again. From a luxe set of Aesop travel-size essentials to a logo-emblazoned Fendi sleep mask, discover 12 fantasy items to bring with you on your first post-vaccine trip.

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