This Young Jeweler Makes Custom Pieces For Celebrities Around The World

Each time we travel, we see the world from a different perspective. For many, it’s a learning experience, an opportunity to relax; and for some, an adrenaline rush. However, for people like Leo Frost travel is an opportunity for business. Leo Frost is a celebrity jeweler who makes customized luxury pieces for some of the top athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs and entertainment personalities across the globe. The most expensive piece he’s sold thus far cost approximately $82,000, and some of his most recent clients include 10 of the NFL’s first round draft picks in 2020.

“I have countless conversations with my clients. This allows me exploration into their minds, which helps me to transform their personalities, interests, and fascinations into jewelry through art”, says Frost, one of the youngest jewelers in the industry. But how does one stand-out in a business line that has some of the world’s most talented creatives?

Leo Frost loves traveling: “It gives me an opportunity to build with my clients face-to-face and foster long lasting relationships,” he says. During his travels, Frost creates a formidable bond with existing clients and engages them in constructive dialogues. The process of creating strong relationships is an art that is perfected over time. Frost believes that fostering an intuitive rapport with a potential client is essential in any business; it’s about creating that connection with someone on common ground and learning about their interests. The ensuing conversation can always be guided to a particular theme, and in this case, jewelry. 

Frost is no stranger to long flights; as a child he trotted the globe with his parents who are immigrants, flying back and forth to India. Before the coronavirus pandemic, it wasn’t uncommon for Frost to spend weeks on planes, traveling to global destinations. One day he’s in France, the next day he’s in Los Angeles, to Miami, and then back to Houston. Initially, he found it strange to travel alone, but later realized it gave him the chance to reflect on his life, interact with different cultures, see new art, and incorporate it into his pieces. He practices mindfulness exercises while alone, often realizing his mistakes and weaknesses, both as an individual and as a jeweler. By the time he is back home, Frost is a better person, ready to make the next piece.

Traveling has allowed Leo Frost to cover the world with his diamonds and showcase his creativity. He was once advised to take memories during the travel escapades and only leave footprints. He wants to become one of the greatest jewelers in the world and plans on achieving that goal through hard work and prayer. Frost is competing with himself; always coming up with captivating new techniques that would expand his ability to customize. Many jewelers sell pieces that were previously made; Frost doesn’t believe that those type of products reflect the mentality or interests of clients. He reiterates that custom pieces create a strong connection between the buyer, creator and the jeweler.

Frost has plans to collaborate with his mentors Iceman Nick and King Johnny this year to learn everything he can to enhance his jewelry making abilities. They have taken him under their wings, as if he were a brother, which has elevated his presence in the business. “With family like them, it’s easy to grow, to plan, and believe” says Frost. He wants to expand his territories beyond his imagination and read the world one page at a time.

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