Tips for Developing Patience When Inside You Want to Explode

Have you ever taken your temper out on a family member when actually you had an argument with someone else and got lost? What are the consequences? One bad event leads to another and there is a chain of malign events and it turns out to be a bad day. How do you avoid this kind of circumstance? Read on to find out.

The answer is simple – develop more patience. Never act on impulse in response to your heart wanting to explode.

One of the reasons for exploding I have shown is that you have a bitter argument with someone.

Other reasons could be:

  1. A friend teased you offensively.
  2. Someone broke your promise and told her friends every bit of your secret.
  3. You have a misunderstanding with your parents. They don’t agree to your marriage with the person you badly crave for.
  4. You and your spouse fight over financial problems.
  5. Your child cheated on an exam and got caught by the school authority.
  6. Your senior colleague insulted you in front of others at work.
  7. Your parents refuse to go to old home. They want to stay with you.
  8. Your spouse is seeing someone else and you cannot stand it.
  9. Your child is a colicky baby and you want to tear your hair apart.
  10. A business partner whom you trusted completely got caught in swindling, creating chaos in your company.

All of the above scenarios cause immense stress and sabotage your mental peace. You want to explode by screaming and shouting. But that doesn’t help.

Give time to your current problem. Close your eyes and filter out your problems by relaxing, clearing away your mind and breathing.

Later in the day after you have distracted yourself with several other activities, sit down, have a cup of coffee and mull over your problem. Now that is called patience. Two heads are always better than one and so consult with your spouse by your side and make several choices and decide. The right option will stare at your face and you will know what to do.

This is the right way to handle any kind of problem and makes way for the right choices. Patience is the key. You cannot solve anything backbiting and backstabbing. Think logically and rationally and take time to respond after you have cooled down. That way you never lose but gain 10-fold.

So summing up, know that solutions exist for every day-to-day problem. You only need to confront it with the right attitude, having and showing patience. With that in place, you are bound to take off smugly and jubilantly.

Source by Rosina S Khan