Vaccination education for communities

Amanda R. Hartman, MSN, RN, CHPN, CDONA, CNHA with the Uintah Basin Rehab and Senior Villa joined Emily Clark on ABC4 Utah to talk about the COVID Vaccination and help provide Education to viewers.

The Utah Department of Health has held several employee education sessions where the employees at the Villa have received information directly from the CDC and the Utah Department of Health regarding the vaccination. Their employees have also been able to ask questions and be provided with factual information regarding the vaccine rather than the influx of oftentimes conflicting reports. 

Their employees and patients are facing the fear of the unknown. Uncertainty over the speed in which the vaccine was released. Families have been overwhelmingly supportive with a few outliers. Their largest barrier is ensuring staff, families, and residents are receiving their information from reputable sources.

Amanda and the Uintah Basin Rehab and Senior Villa expressed that it is extremely important for them to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at their facility. They’d like to have at least an 80% update of the vaccination in order to reach the herd immunity levels necessary to be able to begin slowly transitioning residents back into “normal” life. It is also imperative to have this immunity to be able to reunite families with their loved ones, get our residents out of their rooms, and increase necessary socialization for improved mental health. 

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