What to Know Before Entering a Baby Photo Contest

All of us have seen a photo of a cute baby, and it just melts your heart. I’m sure you have a truckload of cute baby photos. The great news is that you can share the photos of your adorable baby with the world and also make some extra cash as well. I’m talking about baby photo contests.

You can find these kind of contests online or even in your local newspaper. Newspapers tend to have more yearly contests whereas websites tend to have monthly baby photo contests. All you’ve got to submit your photo with your contact information, and you’re all set.

The tough part is really deciding on which one of your baby’s photos is the cutest of them all. If you are uncertain, make sure to ask your friends and family to voice their opinion. Decide on the one that most people agree on is the cutest. That way you’ll have an idea of how other people will react to the photo.

Also, with most baby photo contests, you need to make sure the photo was shot by an amateur, so if you have a cute photo taken by a professional photographer, chances are it won’t be accepted by the contest company.

Also, as far as age is concerned, these companies will only accept photos when the baby was somewhere in the age of 0 to 4.

If you win one of these contests, there is also a good chance that your baby can get into baby modeling. Many winners have done that, and it has paid of quite well.

Source by Jon Ferraro